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Here you will find details for services of V.CH. Kampakis company.

Our long term experience and knowledge for several different cargoes taught to us lots of the particularities that the transportation and handling of transit especially and local commodities appear.
We gained through the years a significant percentage of the cargoes which cross our port.
For the companies who will prefer to use our port for the forwarding of their cargoes, we are anytime at their disposal to give our services to organize their consignment and delivery to the final destinations.
a. to the ports for the way Balkan Countries - Thessaloniki's Port - final port
b. to the inland delivery for the way Thessaloniki's Port - Balkan Countries
Of course the loading/discharging from/to VSLS is our responsibility
In the circle of our forwarding services belong the manipulation of CNTRS stuffing / unstuffing.

Custom Broker - Formalities
Custom formalities/clearance for transit cargoes forwarding all over the world is one of our specialties as well. It has been proved that our services as "custom brokers" are in a very extended rate thanks to our exclusive cooperation with large commercial factories commodities, from abroad, thanks to our exclusive cooperation with transit cargoes departments of the main CNTRS shipping lines which call our port. Our presence at this sector for so long has developed at the higher level our relationship with the Customs' officers. This is a matter of fact.

Operation-Agency for containers Vessels'
Our close collaboration with some of the famous particular container shipping lines gave us the opportunity to have a very skilled department which takes up the operation of the CNTRS VSLS with perfect results. The facilities that we are able to offer seem to be of the most competitive in our area.
Our domain in this operation, is the responsibility of the following.
a. Control of private terminals.
b. Control of the trucks.
c. Cargo plan (vessels' loading - discharging)
d. Discharging - Loading operation
The loading of the containers is realized by the means of computerized system.

Port's operation and agency for iron products and bulk
Our team in the port is in position to offer you its excellent services for the receiving or forwarding or loading or discharging of cargoes such as: iron raw materials, iron products, bulk (ore, coke, mineral, wheat, soya, fertilizers).
The department of “port´s operation” has its own office + space in the port and performs logistic of cargoes of iron products/materials by recording the: lots/pieces/dimensions/destinations/damages /losses as well as the loading and discharging of vessels and wagons or trucks.
This department is composed by:
1. Executives with knowledge and experience
2. Computerized system
3. Specialized labor staff 


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